Glory to Glory

Published on 20 Sep 2018
A song inspired by 2 Corinthians 3:18: ” But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.” This song is about our final journey to be with the Lord as we finish this race on the earth. Dedicated to our friend Linda and all who are walking this path:)
Written by Sarah Begaj
Composed by Sarah Begaj and Ruth Hill
Violin, guitar, piano, vocals: Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
Filmed at Old Winchester Hill
© SBM 2018
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Return to your rest O my soul
For the Lord has been bountiful
I shall call upon His Name
For the Mighty One to save

With unveiled face I shall see
No reflection but His glory
As the light of His presence draws near
The angel’s chorus I hear

Singing Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty
Who was,……. and is,………. and is to come (x2)

The bonds have been loosed, I am free
His eternal arms carry me
All the pain and tears fade away
Transform me from glory to glory


Glory, glory
You lift my soul to glory (X 2)

By Faith

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Published on 26 Aug 2018
Inspired by chapter 11 of Hebrews, I wrote this song based on verse 6; that without faith it is impossible to please the Lord. I hope and pray that this song can bring freedom, encouragement and joy. Please feel free to share and like/subscribe if you are blessed by this. All glory to God!

Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
Copyright © 2018
Filmed in Paignton, Devon, UK
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All that I can bring, all that I can do
Without faith it cannot please You
Every pious word, every act of good
Without faith it cannot please You

By faith the mountains move
By faith the desert blooms
By faith I know that Jesus will come through
By faith I trust Your Word
By faith I look to You
To fulfil You promise that Your plans are good

Help me not to be as the waves of the sea
Tossed and driven by every doubt and fear
May I have faith, to have patience through the trials
That I may be, perfect and complete


The cross has paved the way
To boldly come by faith
No need to strive to make a way
The shield of faith
Surrounding me
Protects me from the enemy


Fear not My Child

Published on 31 Jan 2016
Written by Ruth Hill
Composed by Ruth Hill and arranged by Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
Performed by Sarah Begaj
Thanks to…
Copyright © 2016
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I cry out to you in my despair
The darkness surrounds me everywhere
I hear a voice calling from behind
With all of your heart, seek and You’ll find

Fear not my child for I am with you
Fear not my child fro I will help you
You are given a Spirit of love
Of sound mind and power from above

The Lord is my hope, I will not fear
He is my help and deliverer
An army may encamp against me
But high upon a rock He sets me

Trust in me for I have redeemed you
My peace I give and leave unto you
Trust in Me I have called you by name
Let not your heart be troubled again

You are mine

Writing in the Dust – (John 8)

Published on 31 Mar 2018
I was inspired to write this song after reading the Gospel of John chapter 8. If you’re struggling with guilt, depression,suicidal thoughts, condemnation, please listen to this song. This is Jesus’ heart for us. May God bless you! Please share this song to reach those who need to hear. Thank you!

Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
Video by Sarah Begaj, featuring Malcolm Freemantle (thank you Dad!)
Filmed in Waterlooville,Leigh Park Gardens, St Agnes, Eastbourne, UK
Copyright © 2018
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When the world has lied to you
Cheated and abandoned you
Please draw near, there’s something you must hear
When you feel you’ve strayed too far
With no way back, no fresh start
Please don’t fear, there’s someone You must hear.

There is one who silences those who condemn
The only who can judge you is the one without sin
His finger is not pointing but writing in the dust
The one who knows your every thought is asking you to trust

You may think that all is lost
Bridges burnt and hope is gone
But He is near, beckoning you here
For none can stand before this Man
The waves and wind heed His command
He says “Don’t fear”, He’s beckoning you here.


Though your sin be as scarlet, He makes you white as snow
Jesus God incarnate is making all things new
As the east is from the west, Your sin has been removed
As He cried Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.


Father Of Lights – Original Christian Wedding Song

Published on 3 Aug 2018
Written and performed by Sarah Begaj
For Jana and Lekan Adejumo on the occasion of their wedding 28th July 2018 at Waterlooville Baptist Church, England UK
Video by Ruth Hill
Copyright 2018 ©
With thanks to


This walk of faith, this narrow road
Has brought us here, together now
The journey long, the trials hard
But love prevails in the dark


Every good and perfect gift
Is from the Father of lights

He is good and He does good
Every moment of our lives

His love for us, His perfect plan
Has known this day before time began
His ways not ours, His thoughts above
United to, proclaim His love

Greek or Jew, black or white
It does not matter in His sight
For He has made us all one
By the blood of His Son

(Ch X 2)
Je – sus, it’s all because of You
Je – sus, we’ll give the honour due (X2)

Butterflies (Lyric version)

Published on 4 Mar 2016
Slides by Ruth Hill
Written/performed by Sarah Begaj
Copyright © 2016


I watch them from the window playing outside
So beautiful and free like butterflies
They run and laugh, they fall and cry
They have no fear, so full of life
Let faith arise with wings to fly
My butterflies

I think about these gifts that I’ve been given
To care and watch over these precious children
Whose angels see the Father’s face
His Kingdom is their dwelling place
Let faith arise with wings to fly
My butterflies

Let them grow like the trees by the rivers of water
Light their path ever brighter to the perfect day
Be their strength and protector and their song ever after
Be their joy, their salvation
Jesus be their way

So when I’m losing patience help me to be
A voice of kindness and humility
And when I fail Lord be their shield
And let their broken wings be healed
Let faith arise with wings to fly
My butterflies

We will walk

Published on 14 Apr 2017
Written by Sarah Begaj
Piano, guitar, vocals Sarah Begaj
Drums – Zac Prosser
Footage from Exton and my back garden!
Copyright © 2017
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We will walk by faith not sight
We will walk in truth and light
We believe in You, believe in You
We will run and not grow weary
We will rise with wings like eagles
As we wait on You, we wait on You

You did not come to be served but to serve
And to give Your life a ransom for many
We will take up our cross and follow You
Give us joy in our hearts to serve You

We will serve with hearts of gladness
Cast aside our fears and sadness
We depend on You, depend on You
We will sing with thanksgiving
Praise the God of the living
We will worship You, worship You



You were mocked, You were beaten, You were bruised, You were stricken
To bring us healing through Your suffering
We will walk, we will run, we will serve, we will sing,
All to the glory of our risen King


Under Your Mighty Hand

Published on 6 Sep 2016
Written/performed by Sarah Begaj
Video – Ruth Hill
Thanks to…
Copyright © 2016
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Under Your mighty hand we are humbled
Lord lift us into Your presence
Boldly we come to Your throne of grace
Be our help in time of trouble

We will proclaim Your praises
We will lift up Your name
We have been called out of darkness
Into Your marvellous light

Under the shadow of the Almighty
The secret place of the Most High
We will take refuge and fear no evil
Lord God Almighty El Shaddai

Heal us O Lord and we shall be healed
Save us and we shall be saved (x2)

For You are our praise

Undefeated (Psalm 91)

Published on 27 Jun 2017
A song to reflect hope in a broken world.
Written by Sarah Begaj
Vocals, guitar, and violin – Sarah Begaj
Video compiled and edited – Ruth Hill
With thanks to streten
Featuring the Begaj family!
Copyright © 2017
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We hear the news each day
How much we need to pray
Lord our hearts are grieved
We fall to our knees
Lord give us eyes to see
Your broken world in need
And hearts to overcome
And plead the blood of Your Son

We need You more than ever now
Empower by Your Spirit now
We stand undefeated in
The victory of Christ our King
And we will not be afraid
Of flying arrows in the day
And we will not lose sight
Of Your truth in the night

When troubles come our way
Lord You will still the waves
Our voices You will hear
Deliver from our fears
Lord let our faith be found
When the trumpet sounds
The Son of Man returns
Our lights will brightly burn



Your angels will keep me
No evil shall before me
You will deliver me
Your love is set upon me (x2)



Published on 4 Sep 2017
Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
Filmed by Ilir Begaj
Footage in Newquay, Cornwall
Copyright © 2017
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I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
It’s the power of God to eternal life
Not by works of righteousness I have done
(But) Jesus by Your death and resurrection

I am not afraid of what lies ahead
You’ve already walked the path which I tread
I will follow You, I give You my life
There’s no looking back, no turning aside

I will fix my eyes on You Jesus
I will fix my eyes on You Jesus

I am not in chains because of the past
You’ve erased my sin from the first to the last
I will set my face like flint before You
There is no condemnation for those in You


Author of my faith, You write my story
You endured the shame of the cross for me
Your joy was knowing I’d be with You in glory

I will fix my eyes on You Jesus
I will fix my eyes on You Jesus
I will fix my eyes on You Jesus
I will fix my eyes on you Jesus

The Eternal God

Published on 30 Jan 2017
Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
With thanks to Michael Lester for some of his photos!
Copyright © 2017
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When I consider the heavens, the work of Your hands
Brought into existence by Your command
Declaring Your glory by day and by night
The moon and the stars and the sun shining bright

Who am I that You are mindful of me?
A drop of water in the midst of the sea
As each of the stars You know my name
Before I was born Your knew my frame

O Lord there is none like You
The eternal God is my refuge
Held by the everlasting arms
Sheltered in the fiercest storms

When I cannot speak You hear my thoughts
When I cannot rest You are my support
When I am weak You are my strength
When I am afraid you give me faith

Your presence before me Your presence behind me
The God of Israel will fight for me
He does not slumber He does not sleep
He crushes my enemy under His feet


The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Published on 2 Nov 2017

Based on the passage in 2 Chronicles 20
Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
Video – Ruth Hill
With thanks to
Filmed at Portchester Castle, Titchfield Abbey and Butser Hill
Copyright © 2017
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When I don’t know what to do
My eyes are upon You
I will not be afraid
I will not be dismayed
On this battle ground
Still I shall stand
Your salvation I shall see
As I praise You in Your beauty

The battle belongs to the Lord
The battle belongs to the Lord
I stand clothed with the armour of prayer and praise
The battle belongs to the Lord
The battle belongs to the Lord
I stand clothed with Your righteousness by Your grace

I will stand and I will say
I will not be moved today
My life is not dear to me
It will be revealed to me
On this battle ground
Still I shall stand
Your salvation I shall see
As I praise You in Your beauty

I will stand and praise the Lord
With my voice lifted high
His mercy endures forever
Will be my battle cry (x4)