Ephphatha – Original Christian Song

A number of weeks ago my husband taught a message from Mark 7 about Jesus healing the deaf-mute. I was profoundly impacted by this message – the compassion Jesus had to take this man aside and convey to the man what he was doing in a way he would understand. Jesus opened his ears- the first voice he’d ever hear would be Jesus, and He opened his mouth to speak. I imagine the first word he would say would be Jesus. It is my prayer that this song would bring healing to those not only with hearing and speech impediments but also to those who need to have their ears opened to hear from the Lord and their tongues loosed to speak His name. I’m thankful to be able to use the clip from The Chosen which so beautifully portrays this account. I hope it blesses you.

Excerpts of “Ears to hear” from Season 3 of The Chosen. Used with permission.

Written and all music recorded by Sarah Begaj

Ephphatha ©SBM 26/02/24
CCLI# 7235030


Come aside to a sheltered place
For I know you can’t hear or speak
Fix your eyes on my face
See compassion and grace
I am gentle and lowly in heart

Come aside I have seen your suff’ring
I will touch your ears and tongue
The first voice you will hear
Will erase all your fears
You will speak and be understood

Be opened
Hear My voice
And speak My name (X2)