No idols

This was me this afternoon working on some songs for a new project/faith adventure, enjoying the September sun!…But there’s something at a conference I attended at the weekend which really has impacted me and I wanted to share. The speaker said ” fear and lust are both idols….if we we fear rejection , we often lust after mans approval”. How true this is but we often fail to recognise that fear of rejection and craving approval can be idols in our lives-we give prominence to them instead of the infinite God and Creator of all things. Fear of rejection can either lead us to cower away and never step out and do anything, or, step out with the wrong intention of obtaining the approval of man. Jeremiah 17 says “Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the Lord.” It’s time we sought to know God more, to listen to what He’s asked us to do and without looking around for eyes of disapproval or approval, firmly fix our eyes on Jesus. It is then He will use us, and all the glory will belong to Him for He will share His glory with no other! Hope this helps someone today ❤