Homegrown Worship – a new direction

I may look quite awake here but really I shouldn’t after very late nights recording. The Lord has opened the door for me to record a few songs with Homegrown Worship as well as a new album. I met Andy Baker (who works with Homegrown Worship) at creationfest this summer and was blessed by the vision of this organisation. Homegrown Worship was born out of Andy Baker’s devotional time with the Lord whereby he penned a song for every week of the year. It is an opportunity for songwriters like myself to share worship songs as part of a community and hear and utilise songs of others within our churches. This open door came at a time where I was praying for God to enable me to work with others. So now I have a great task ahead of me and greatly value prayers!
Time spent meditating on Isaiah 40 recently has encouraged me. Most are familiar with the concluding verses, that those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up with wings like eagles. But what precedes these verses is an awe inspiring declaration of who our God is and the immensity of His power to stretch out the heavens, name the stars (the trillions that exist) yet equally be able to measure the dust, give and take life. It is this God who holds all things together who does not grow weary but gives power to the weak. Do we make God too small in our eyes? If He has promised to strengthen, then we must firmly lay hold of this with eyes firmly fixed on Him.