Light Out Of Darkness – Original scripture song

This is a rough phone version of a song I wrote a couple of days ago, as I was feeling hard pressed. I would imagine there are many people currently in the same situation with the restrictions and lack of human contact due to Covid 19. The challenge is not to be ‘under the circumstances’ but ‘over them’. Sometimes we forget that we are seated in the heavenlies and that the things we see are only temporary. I was drawn to these verses in 2 Corinthians chapter 4 and 5. Paul talks about the sufferings in his body he experienced not being worthy to be compared to the glory which awaited him. Though he was hard pressed, he was not crushed, though he was persecuted, he was not forsaken. As I read these chapters, I realised that the very well known verse “For we walk by faith not by sight” is found in the middle of the passages which talk of suffering and trial. When it is dark and we cannot see even one footstep ahead, it is then more than ever that we must walk by faith. The times we are living in are extremely dark yet the challenge to walk by faith and not by sight ever more before us. Things may look bleak but it is God who commanded light to shine out of darkness and has shone in our hearts. We are the light of the world and that light needs to shine through our broken vessels, to draw others to Jesus. The words of this song may be echoed by many brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world who are being persecuted for being followers of Jesus. The Bible tells us to remember those who are in chains as if we are chained with them. Perhaps as you listen to this song, though all may be well for you, remember those who have been imprisoned, beaten, made homeless, falsely accused and even put to death for professing the name of Jesus. God bless you and thank you for taking time to listen! I hope it can bless you 🙂

Light Out Of Darkness ©2021 SBM
Written and composed by Sarah Begaj
CCLI# 7170221


Verse 1
It is God who commanded
Light out of darkness
Shining His glory
Deep in our hearts
We have treasure in vessels
Moulded and broken
Formed by the potter
His power in us

We are hard pressed
Yet not crushed
Not in despair
Forsaken not
Struck down
Not destroyed
For we bear in our bodies
The dying of Jesus
Yet we shall be raised up with Him

Though the outward may perish
Inwards we’ll flourish
Daily renewing
Our hearts and our minds
And for our light affliction
But for a moment
Working eternal
Glory in us

For we walk by faith
And not by sight
By the love of Christ