Creation Speaks – Original Christian song by Sarah Begaj

I finished this song during the Coronavirus lockdown with footage from Havant Thicket, England and some footage from Peje, Kosovo. It seems quite poignant at a time where the world has slowed down and become a lot quieter. Creation seems to have made its’ voice heard. Psalm 19 says “The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech and night unto night reveals knowledge”. This song is about creation’s voice giving praise to its’ Creator. It is witnessing to us of the glory of God. I hope and pray it can be a blessing to you. Thank you so much to Ian Barter for your your help on this song and my husband Ilir for filming!!

Written and composed by Sarah Begaj
Keyboard, violin, strings, vocals: Sarah Begaj
Bass: Ian Barter
Mixed/mastered: Ian Barter
Video: Ilir and Sarah Begaj

Creation Speaks © SBM 2020
CCLI # 7151762


When silence falls
Creation Speaks
Its’ voice will not be unheard
For the heavens declare
The glory of God
Held together by His Word

Day unto day
Night unto night
Deep unto deep cry out
When silence falls
Their voices call
To give glory unto God

When silence falls
I hear Your speak
Your voice so still and small
I hear words of peace, joy and love
Deep within my soul

You’re not in the wind
You’re not in the fire
In the earthquake You cannot be heard
When silence falls Your voice will call
To draw nearer unto God

All creation cries
That we would lift our eyes
And seek the one who was
Who is and is to come
All creation groans
For Jesus to return
His glory shall be seen
Our hope at least revealed