Vessel of Truth

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Published on 16 Mar 2018

A song written by Ruth Hill to reflect God’s refining work in shaping us as vessels of truth and light.

Written and composed by Ruth Hill
Performed and arranged by Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
With thanks to
Copyright © 2018
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Mould this heart
Devote it to You
Open my eyes
To Your Spirit, Your truth
As gold refined
Through the fire
Purify, Lord
Be lifted higher

Be my anchor
Be my source
Give me love
To share Your Word
Be rooted deep
Let me bear fruit
And I will be
Your vessel of truth

Truth dwell in me
Let it not hide
I’ll be a vessel
In which to reside

Use this body
And this mind
My heart and soul
As You designed


I’ll see the stars
In the moonlit sky
And not the shadows
Passing by
The light that shines
From deep within
Surpasses beauty
Eclipses sin



Lord give me strength
And guard heart
Please guide me on
Your Holy Path