Breath of Heaven

Published on 20 Nov 2016

Written by Sheila Freemantle
Vocals, piano, violin by Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
Featuring South Harting
With thanks to
Copyright © 2016


Light of God my heart inspire
Banish every mean desire
Shine on truth and let me see
The steep path that leads to Thee

Kindle Holy Fire in me
Flames that will not let me be
Til my sins are burned away
Turning darkness into day

Breath of heaven lift me high
Let my spirit in Thee fly
Blow away my doubts and fears
And from sadness dry my tears

Cooling waters flow through me
Drench my thirsty soul in Thee
Wash from me the cares and stress
That my daily life oppress


Calm of God on me descend
Do not leave me at the end
Fill me with Thy peace sublime
Now and til the end of time