The Lord looks at the heart

This is my violin which features a fair amount in my upcoming album (currently in its mixing and mastering stage). This violin (made by my dad) serves as a constant reminder to me why I write music. As I peer into the ‘S’shaped holes I can read the inscription “To the glory of God”. In the Bible David is recorded as being a skillful musician aswell as a mighty man of war and valour. In his time as a shepherd boy he undoubtedly would have sung to his Creator whilst watching sheep and fending off lions and bears. Little did he know that his gift would one day bring him before the king. I wonder if his attitude of praise towards an Almighty God was the quality God was looking for in the next king of Israel? Perhaps from the outside it would appear that watching sheep and playing an instrument wouldn’t necessarily qualify you as a king. But it is not what we do or our gifts that God is interested in-afterall every good and perfect gift comes from Him-the Father of lights. It is the attitude of our hearts as 1 Samuel 16:9 highlights: “For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart”. Whatever the Lord has gifted us with, may it be used to bring glory and praise to His Name. I pray this would be the case with my album, Lord willing available mid December.
I hope this can encourage someone today, please share your thoughts ❤ (Photo credit: @chriswatkinsmedia)