Servant of all

Sometimes I can become ‘weary’ in doing good. I may not see where my path is heading or may have become tired doing the same repetitive things day in day out. “We will walk” is the 5th song from my new album due out next month. It is a declarative song derived from a collection of Bible scriptures which focus on God’s empowering through service and the servant of all- Jesus. It reminds me that Jesus is my example. He was the servant of all who put my eternal future above His own power to call down angel armies and rescue Him from impending agony. I think we need to be reminded of this daily as we pick up our cross and lay down our lives… Here are the words of the first verse and chorus:-

We will walk by faith not sight
We will walk in truth and light
We believe in You, believe in You
We will run and not grow weary
We will rise with wings like eagles
As we wait on you, we wait on You

You did not come to be served but to serve
And to give Your life a ransom for many
We will take up our cross and follow You
Lay our lives at Your feet Lord daily.