His business not my ‘busyness’

“Lord let me be about Your business, not my ‘busyness’ was my prayer today.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of busyness with little time even for sleep. One evening last week I spent 3 hours trying to re-record a violin part only to find the next day (when I was more awake) it was still slightly flat! One thing I have realised is that sometimes the ‘business’ of the Lord’s work does not always look very busy! It can look very much like sitting quietly, letting His Word soak into my day or pouring out prayers, thanks, supplications, intercessions…

A lot of the songs on the album I’ve been working on (which is finally at the manufacturers hooray!) are about being able to stand as a Christian in an increasingly dark and anti Christian climate. But the thing is, unless I am firmly rooted in God’s Word, filled with His Spirit of power and bathed in prayer, I am going to fail at any fleshly attempt to make a difference. So my prayer is that I may be about the Lord’s business not only first but at every stage of everything I do. May we labour to enter into His rest. I hope this can help someone feeling weary today.