Lamb Of God – Original Christian Easter song

This time of lockdown due to the Coronavirus has enabled me to record some new songs I have written. It seems fitting to release this song on Good Friday – the day we remember the sacrifice made once and for all for our sin. No longer do we need the blood of goats and calves to make atonement for our sin. Jesus became sin for us that we may become the righteousness of God in Him. May our hearts cries be to praise His name as we proclaim His death until He comes!

Written, composed and recorded by Sarah Begaj
Mixed by Ian Barter

Lamb Of God © 2020
CCLI # 7149249

Verse 1
Atoning power of Jesus’ blood
Has brought me peace again with God
No sacrifice that I could bring
Could make an offering for sin
Not by the blood of goats and calves
Only the spotless Lamb of God
Crucified upon a cross
Delivering me from His wrath

Praise the name of the lamb who was slain
From the foundation of the world
Praise His name He is risen again
Jesus Redeemer Son of God

Verse 2
Remembering His sacrifice
The value placed upon my life
An offering of worship sing
With salt and frankincense I bring
Preserved in Christ and pure in love
A light not hidden set above
My life upon Your altar Lord
Sanctified by Your Word

Blessing and honour
Glory and power
Be unto Him who sits on the throne
And to the Lamb
Forever and ever
All praise be given to Him alone