Knowing our purpose

This evening I was asked to sing my new song (released yesterday by @hgwsongs )for our online women’s Bible study. The study was all about knowing our purpose. The amazing thing is that knowing our purpose is exactly what this song is about!
One morning last summer I cried out to the Lord asking Him what my purpose was (ready to stop writing any more songs!!) and within minutes the words and melody to this song came…”in you I live, I move, I have my being”.(taken from Acts 17). I realised that my purpose is ONLY found in Him, through worshipping Him. My purpose is to know Him, the hope of His calling, the riches of His glory and the greatness of His power. My purpose is in knowing Jesus and His resurrection power in my life, and to bring glory to His Name!

Earlier today I read a quote which really resonated with me. It was something along the lines of “God made me a songwriter because He wanted me to spend more time with Him”. Does that resonate with anyone else?! We often think our songs or gifts are primarily for reaching others but for me personally I have realised the songs I write are drawing me closer to the Lord, deepening His Word in my soul. It is His way for me to draw near to Him. If others are blessed by that flow of His grace towards me praise God! If it is just for Him it is not wasted, praise be unto Him. So I pray this may encourage you in whatever it is God has called you to. Primarily God wants to draw you closer to Him. If we look outwards before we look upwards we have missed the point and the purpose of it all-to know Him.

I’d love to hear your thoughts💜 (You can hear the song on my youtube collaborations playlist(link in bio), or on all major streaming platforms)