King of Kings -Revelation19- Acoustic

This is from a simple phone recording but nevertheless I felt compelled to share… As we approach Christmas time our thoughts are turned to the first coming of Jesus. Under stringent government rules/mandates Mary took the long road to Bethlehem and through travail brought the Prince of Peace into the world. At this particular moment in time where I live in the UK it has just been announced we will be under lockdown for Christmas, unable to see family/friends. As Mary took that difficult journey to Bethlehem so too, I believe the difficult times we are facing are bringing us closer to Jesus’ return. The second coming of Jesus I believe is not a distant occurrence. The world will go through the darkest time of history, but as Revelation 19 details, the end of this tribulation period will signal the coming of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is coming this time to rule and reign. His eyes as fire, His head crowned with many crowns (not thorns). He will come with those robed in white linen; heaven’s army. It’s time for the people of God to be strengthened and to wake up. He is coming soon. I hope this song can bless you. Please share your thoughts. May the Lord richly bless you this Christmas time. Much love, Sarah

King of Kings (Revelation 19) by Sarah Begaj 2020 ©️
CCLI # 7167714
Written and composed by Sarah Begaj
Video by Sarah Begaj

Heaven will open
A white horse appearing
Seated upon it
The Lamb who is risen
Robe dipped in blood
His eyes flames of fire
A head full of crowns
A name that is higher

King of kings and Lord of Lords
His Name is called the Word of God
King of kings and Lord of Lords
He shall reign forevermore

Verse 2
Out from His mouth
A sword strikes the nations
Clothed in white linen
The armies of heaven
Coming to rule and
Reign with Christ Jesus
Faithful and true
In righteousness judges


For the Lord God omnipotent reigns (x3)