Writing in the Dust – (John 8)

Published on 31 Mar 2018
I was inspired to write this song after reading the Gospel of John chapter 8. If you’re struggling with guilt, depression,suicidal thoughts, condemnation, please listen to this song. This is Jesus’ heart for us. May God bless you! Please share this song to reach those who need to hear. Thank you!

Written, composed and performed by Sarah Begaj
Video by Sarah Begaj, featuring Malcolm Freemantle (thank you Dad!)
Filmed in Waterlooville,Leigh Park Gardens, St Agnes, Eastbourne, UK
Copyright © 2018 CCLI: 7121978
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When the world has lied to you
Cheated and abandoned you
Please draw near, there’s something you must hear
When you feel you’ve strayed too far
With no way back, no fresh start
Please don’t fear, there’s someone You must hear.

There is one who silences those who condemn
The only who can judge you is the one without sin
His finger is not pointing but writing in the dust
The one who knows your every thought is asking you to trust

You may think that all is lost
Bridges burnt and hope is gone
But He is near, beckoning you here
For none can stand before this Man
The waves and wind heed His command
He says “Don’t fear”, He’s beckoning you here.


Though your sin be as scarlet, He makes you white as snow
Jesus God incarnate is making all things new
As the east is from the west, Your sin has been removed
As He cried Lord forgive them for they know not what they do.