Undefeated (Psalm 91)

Published on 27 Jun 2017
A song to reflect hope in a broken world.
Written by Sarah Begaj
Vocals, guitar, and violin – Sarah Begaj
Video compiled and edited – Ruth Hill
With thanks to streten http://www.streten.co.uk/
Featuring the Begaj family!
Copyright © 2017 CCLI: 7121935
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We hear the news each day
How much we need to pray
Lord our hearts are grieved
We fall to our knees
Lord give us eyes to see
Your broken world in need
And hearts to overcome
And plead the blood of Your Son

We need You more than ever now
Empower by Your Spirit now
We stand undefeated in
The victory of Christ our King
And we will not be afraid
Of flying arrows in the day
And we will not lose sight
Of Your truth in the night

When troubles come our way
Lord You will still the waves
Our voices You will hear
Deliver from our fears
Lord let our faith be found
When the trumpet sounds
The Son of Man returns
Our lights will brightly burn



Your angels will keep me
No evil shall before me
You will deliver me
Your love is set upon me (x2)