Song of Adoration

As I walked home from school two mornings ago I began to sing these words to the Lord. It is more of a prayer and longing to know and hear from the Lord. Oh that He would revive our hearts. It is quite poignant that the revival/awakening in the hearts of the students at Asbury university began with a simple message on the love of God. How we need to receive His love and forgiveness before we can see His power and love flowing through us to others. May the Lord meet with us today 🙏


Speak to me Lord fill me with Your Spirit
Soften my heart that, that my ears may hear it
Help me receive Your love and forgiveness today

Open my eyes that I may see Your glory
Fill me with joy that I may tell Your story
Help me to be a vessel of honour for You

I lift up my voice in awe and adoration
Oh strength of my heart, forever You’re my portion
Saved by Your grace, fill me with faith I pray

We need You Lord (x 3)