My Heart is Steadfast – Original

Published on 12 Jul 2016

Written/composed,performed by Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
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Copyright © 2016 CCLI: 7121924
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I will awaken the dawn
I will sing and give praise
To the One who has come
To give life in His Name
I will praise you O Lord
With the nations I’ll sing
Proclaiming the Word
Of the King above kings

My heart is steadfast, my heart is steadfast
My sacrifice of praise I’ll bring to You
Lord be exalted, Lord be exalted
Let Your glory come and fill this place

I will cry out to You
When my heart is overwhelmed
I will put my trust in You
In the shelter of Your wings
I will bless You while I live
With hands lifted high in praise
Forever I will sing
Praises to Your name



There is no other name by which man can be saved
But Jesus, Jesus
There is no other name which is worthy of praise
Jesus , Jesus (Repeat)