Published on 2 Jun 2016

Written/composed by Sarah Begaj
Drums – Zac Prosser
Video – Ruth Hill
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Copyright © 2016 CCLI: 7121926
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No-one can fathom the work of Your hands
No-one can fathom Your glorious plans
As high as the heavens above land and sea
Your thoughts and Your ways are so high above me

For one thousand years are like yesterday past
To the Alpha, Omega, the first and the last
Eye has not seen, nor has ear heard
The things God has for me, the power of His Word

Everything, You have made beautiful in its time
Eternity You have put into this heart of mine
Power be unto the King in His sovereignty
Glory be unto the Lord in His majesty

Whatever God does I know it shall be
Enduring for all of eternity
Though my heart and flesh fail my portion He’ll be
The strength of my heart for eternity

I am the clay, You are the potter
Mould me and fill me with Your living water (x2)