Published on 19 Apr 2016

Written and composed by Ruth Hill
Performed and arranged by Sarah Begaj
Video by Ruth Hill
Thanks to http://www.streten.co.uk/category/col…
Copyright © 2016


Soaring so high
You’re making me fly
Like an eagle

See from above
I’m looking at love
Verses evil

Carry me home
Carry me home

I can see pain
They’re at it again
Why do they argue?

I can see loss
Spreading like moss
Why don’t they value…

Their children in tears
Laden with fears
Why don’t they love them?

So carry them home
So carry them home


You are right there
How much you care
There we were lost,
Sheep at the cross

You carried us home
You carried us home

City of gold,
Like you had told
Gates of pearls,
Gone are sorrows

The original plan
That was for man
Beautiful lion
Lying with lamb

Then there you shone,
Clear as crystal
You turned to me
And there you whispered

I carried you home
I carried you home