Creation Speaks

I was so excited today to discover new woodlands and poplar trees just a walk away from our house! With my violin, cameraman (aka my husband) and helpers (children) in tow we found a lovely spot to record for a new song of mine called ‘Creation Speaks’. The pace of life has slowed for many in the last few weeks because of corona-virus. Nature seems to have regained some ground. This song talks about the voice of creation giving glory to the Creator referencing Psalm 19, Romans 1 and 8.
I am such a nature person and often feel closer to the Lord when I can be amidst the beauty of God’s creation. Anyone who knows me makes sure they have a decent pair of shoes on if they’re coming with me! I look forward to sharing this song and video with you soon! I’d love to hear how creation inspires you?? 🌄