Be Still – Sanctification Song

Published on 29 Jul 2017

Written, composed by Sarah Begaj
Piano, violin, vocals, Sarah Begaj
Video – Ruth Hill
Filmed at Durleigh Marsh, and St Bartholomew’s Church, Rogate
With thanks to
Copyright © 2017 CCLI: 7121931

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By your grace I boldly come
By faith receive what You have done
Remove the mountain of my sin
Remove the doubt and guilt within
Cut down the branches of deceit
Where no fruit lies beneath their leaves
Cast them into the midst of the sea
Renew a steadfast spirit in me

Lord try me and know my heart
Sanctify me, Lord set me apart
Transform my min, conform my will
And in Your presence, Lord I will be still

Let Your Word be rooted deep
Where fears and worries cannot reach
Let not the worldly cares encroach
Upon my life, Your Word to choke
The seed of faith, may it grow tall
Lord keep me that I may not fall
Make strong my feeble hands and knees
O Lord that I may be healed

Set my mind on things above
Upon Your glory, upon Your love
Earthly riches I do not need
But to know Your voice, to hear and to heed
To come, to bow, to sit at Your feet
The place where truth and mercy meet
To bring my burdens and lay them down
One day to be exchanged with a crown