All For Your Kingdom – out now

My final song with Homegrown is out!! I pray it can bless you this day. Please feel free to like/share. Here’s the story behind the song:

“All for Your Kingdom” is a song inspired by Mary anointing Jesus with fragrant oil, found in John chapter 12 and Matthew chapter 26. Mary’s act of worship using fragrant oil, equivalent to one year’s wages was misunderstood by the disciples, who deemed it a waste. Jesus rose to Mary’s defense, correcting the disciples and commending Mary for doing a good thing. Our offerings of worship to Jesus can be costly but they are never wasted. Their fragrance will be evident to others and precious to Jesus. Mary’s worship was the fruit of her deep devotion, no doubt acquired during her time sat at Jesus’ feet. She understood that Jesus held the words of life and that everything else paled in comparison.

The second verse of this song speaks of our prayers rising as incense, another fragrant offering to the Lord. It also echoes Psalm 56, a heartfelt cry to God amidst adversity, whereby the Psalmist states that the Lord numbers our wanderings, puts our tears in a bottle and keeps us from falling. Ultimately this is a song of devotion, surrender and sacrificial worship.

Sarah Begaj.©️ 2020 Copyright Control. All rights reserved.

Lyrics –
Verse 1:
All for Your Kingdom
All for Your glory
A sweet smelling fragrance
I pour out before You
Nothing is wasted
Though misunderstood
Receiving my offering
You call it good

I lay it all down
I sit at Your feet
You gave Your life
So that I could be free
All things fade away
But Your truth remains
Your words are life
Forever I’m changed

Verse 2:
My prayers are as incense
Rising to heaven
Each tear which has fallen
Will not be forgotten
You number my wanderings
You write them all down
You keep me from falling
I’m safe in Your hands


Bridge: (repeat)
Let the praise of my heart be for You alone
Let the prayers of Your people rise to Your throne