In You I Have My Being – Original Christian worship song

The song ‘In You I have my being’ came as a direct answer from the Lord one summers’ day last year when I asked “Lord what is my purpose?” The previous week I had listened to many inspiring testimonies of souls being reached for the Lord and wondered if I could really make an impact for His Kingdom, if I was doing ‘enough’. Within minutes the melody of this song along with the words from Acts 17:28 poured out of my mouth; “In Him we live and move and have our being”. It was as if the Lord had said to me “the way you can reach souls is to continue to do the very thing you love to do for Me”. God purposes in us to will and to do for His good pleasure. Our purpose is to know Him, the true God Jesus Christ (John 17:3). I hope this song can reaffirm in the believer the reality of the cross of Jesus bringing us into an eternal relationship with God, that we may be confident in the hope of His calling, partakers of the riches of his glory and the greatness of His power! Earlier in the summer my family and I decided to record this video in East Meon – a favourite place to walk. Today many church doors are closed or congregations are limited in number, not allowed to sing. As I put together this song God reminded me that He does not dwell in a temples made by man’s hands. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. Though our buildings may have been closed, will we continue to bless His name? Will we take the gospel of Jesus Christ beyond the walls of a church? I’d love to hear your comments/thoughts! I hope this song blesses you. Thanks to Homegrown Worship for producing it! This is song no. 7 on my new album.