You are the church

Do you ever feel excited when God reveals His purposes through something you inadvertently have done? Haha that sounds cryptic!…
Earlier in the summer my little family I took to the hills to film a video for my song ‘ In You I Have My Being’ which I wrote last year. Today I finally managed to sit and begin editing and putting the video together. In the video we walk past a closed church and climb the hill where I begin to worship the Lord on the violin and enjoy the beauty of His creation around us.

Today it struck me. The words to the chorus are:

I will worship You O Lord
I will bow down and adore
Though You give and take away
I will bless Your Name

For this is eternal life
To know the true God Jesus Christ
That through the blood of His cross
I am reconciled

Today many church doors are closed, or congregations are limited in number, not allowed to sing…Did you know that God does not dwell in temples made by man’s hands? You are the church. God has allowed in His sovereignty buildings to close, things to be taken away,yet His Spirit indwells His body-you and I. Perhaps it is time the church stepped outside the boundaries of walls and reached the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Will you continue to bless His name and sing praises to Him? Lord empower Your church to reach a lost generation, Amen

Let me know your thoughts! 😊