We have a strong city (original song)

I wrote this song a few months ago near the beginning of the lockdown here in England after reading chapters 24 to 26 of Isaiah. This evening as I flicked through my song journal I came across it and began to sing it out to the Lord…

Next week the sound panels will be added to my music room so hopefully I can start recording some of the many new songs I have. In the meantime I hope these words can minister 😊.

“A song is rising from the corners of the earth
A people hiding til the punishment has passed
A remnant praying for revival in the streets
Repenting of the evil and idolatry

We have a strong city
Salvation are her walls
The righteous enter in her gates
Rejoicing in the Lord

A song is rising up to praise Your majesty
Bringing glory from the earth and from the sea
For You have been a strength, a refuge in the storm
Your perfect peace for those whose mind is stayed on You…

©SBM 2020