Through a camera lens

From our recent trip to Kosovo-the beautiful mountains of Pej.. (Thank you @jehona_siera for taking it)

This picture made me think… We sometimes not only view things through someone else’s camera lens, but perhaps through the lens of a secondary person, making the subject more distant. When we go to the source ourselves, we experience first hand the magnificence and beauty before us. Of course we can appreciate other’s perceptions and admire their view but when it comes to knowing God, we have a choice- to look through the lens of others’ opinions, or go directly to the source-to Jesus Himself. Through opening up His Word He can give us first hand revelation, not slanted by someone else’s camera angle. He has something of pure beauty for us to lay hold of today. He is our daily bread and He will satisfy all our needs. “And you will seek Me and find me, when you search for Me with all your heart”- Jeremiah 29:13