Spiritual Posture

Feeling a little sore after the chiropractor’s efforts to straighten my pelvis/back. It’s taken me 6 months of pain to get me back on that table!…It was brutal but necessary. The chiropractor told me how the tenseness in my back and shoulders has impacted the whole of my spine. It got me thinking that we can so often be the same spiritually. We get into bad postural habits, we tense up and stress not knowing how to rest, sit or walk in the Lord. Over time we then suffer the painful consequences becoming skewed in our perceptions, enduring pain without finding the cause or remedy. The devil is quick to distract us from praying, reading the Word of God and seeking His will. He offers all kinds of distractions and methods as long as we don’t go to the Lord. But we have a Master Physician. He is able to straighten us, realign our thoughts and bring healing. The remedy is to stay close to Him, heeding His Word…daily exercising our spiritual muscles. But as with my back and pelvis the more I become slack in my efforts/devotion the more severe the correction will be. The days are evil, may we draw ever more close to Him. ..I’d love to hear your thoughts. 💜