Something Profound

15 years ago today my husband Ilir asked me if I would be his bride. At the time I was living as a missionary in Kosovo…. I was just thinking how profound it is that not only is my first release with Homegrown worship very Albanian sounding (which Ilir loves) but it is also about the bride of Christ (His church) calling to Jesus to come, and for the bride to be ready for His return.
Ilir was refused a visa twice when we wanted him to come to England to get married. When he finally got the visa I was so overjoyed that he was actually going to make it to our wedding!! I had returned to England to make preparations in faith. What if I had given up that he would make it?? What if I had forgotten he was coming? That sounds ridiculous but I think we can do exactly that regarding the Lord’s return. In 2 Peter 3:4 it says in the last days scoffers will come saying “where is the promise of His coming?”…
Jesus warned us in the parable of the ten virgins to not be without oil when He returns. Jesus wants to find His bride filled with His Holy Spirit, ready and hastening His return.
I pray this song would be a blessing and encouragement-you can listen on Spotify or YouTube.