I Have Decided to Follow Jesus

A couple of days ago a Christian couple from India @larrywagh got it touch with me asking if I could sing a song for their very young daughter Abigail who is suffering with retinoblastoma and currently undergoing chemotherapy. Although it’s a struggle finding time to sit down and sing at the moment (it’s currently gone midnight!) I couldn’t ignore this request.

I couldn’t think of a song better to sing than ‘I have decided to Follow Jesus’: the author of which was from India. There is an incredible story behind this hymn of a man who when his wife and children were killed before his very eyes, did not renounce his faith. Losing his life also, many more were won for Jesus.

I pray little Abigail and her parents would know the presence of the Lord in this trying time and keep looking into Jesus. Please join me in praying for them. You can watch their story on YouTube (look up Abigail Wagh Testimony) 🙏💜