Hidden Treasures

A year ago we visited my husband’s homeland and the place I spent 6 years as a missionary:- Kosovo. It’s easy to forget the hidden treasures of a place when you haven’t been there for a while. The mountains and waterfalls of Peje are as breathtaking as they look here. Being in the beauty of God’s creation speaks so profoundly of the glory of God. In Romans chapter 8 Paul says that “all creation groans”… Creation is longing to be restored to its former glory. The heavens are declaring God’s glory, uttering speech day and night. Sometimes I believe it takes silence and being still to hear those voices crying out to God and the voice of God speaking to me. My new song ‘Creation Speaks’ which I am slowly producing a video for was written with all of this in mind. I hope and pray it will be a blessing!… Coming soon 😊… I’d love to hear your thoughts 💙