Fellowship of suffering

Lying here with an ice pack strapped to the back of my leg is not how I envisaged spending the weekend! During the lockdown I haven’t really felt like there was a huge detrimental effect on my day to day life (obviously not seeing family and friends is sad)…Rather for me an injury is debilitating -not being able to do the usual activities. Part of me wonders if God has allowed this to help me identify more with those who feel trapped. We’re told to remember the prisoners in Christ as if chained with them….Suffering helps us identify not only with others but also with Jesus. Just days ago as we were walking we came across a lady who had clearly become overwhelmed with her situation, drinking too much and in front of us fell back and hit her head. As we waited for the ambulance to arrive she reached out and grabbed my arm saying she was sorry. I felt such a sadness for this lady and was able to tell her Jesus loves her before the paramedics took over. I believe there are people all around us who are suffering and longing to know they are loved. Lord please show us them, help us pray for them and bring the hope of the gospel to them. 🙏