Creation Speaks

Have you ever considered that creation speaks?.. That the heavens, the seas and even rocks cry out? Lately the words ‘creation speaks’ keep returning to me. On my evening bike ride along the coastal path, the silence was profound yet the sky so vibrant in its shades of pink and blue reflected so beautifully in the still sea. I began to ponder the words of Psalm 19:-“The heavens declare the glory of God…day unto day utters speech…there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard..” Then the words (in the picture) came to me. God’s creation is declaring His glory constantly. It has its own language which may not be audible with our ears but is visible. I could not stop thinking about this until at 2am I stepped outside onto my doorstep and looked up at the black sky speckled with stars. I began to join the voices of creation in declaring His glory. I encourage you to take a moment and ‘listen’ for the voice of creation giving glory to the Creator. May we have hearts that also join in the glorious chorus of praise and awe.